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Cancellation Policy: We have reserved space for your student(s) with the understanding that we will have a lesson each week at that time, with the exception of scheduled studio closings (see our Calendar page).  If a permanent conflict arises with this lesson time, please feel free to contact us to discuss alternate arrangements. We are happy to work with you to ensure a weekly lesson time that complements both of our schedules.


Once you have reserved lessons, the studio commits to paying your teacher in full for them. This includes lessons you are not able to attend for any reason including planned vacations and holidays when Zabinski Music is open.  We make best efforts to schedule makeup lessons into time-slots cancelled by other students. Lessons cancelled with more than 24 hour advance notice will be given up to 3 alternate lesson days/times with the teacher or a substitute for a makeup. If the student does not attend 1 of these alternatives, the lesson is forfeited and must be paid in full. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance are offered what alternate lesson days/times are available and must be paid regardless of successfully scheduling a makeup.


In the case that a teacher must cancel lessons, the studio will work to find a substitute for that day or find makeup lesson times for the students. Failure to meet with a substitute or find a suitable makeup time offered by the teacher will constitute a missed lesson that cannot be made up.


A Word About Lesson Fees: Please remember that the amount you pay for lessons covers more than the time we spend with your student. Fees cover time spent with students, preparation time, teacher training and experience, recital costs and preparations, professional organization memberships, studio expenses, property taxes, self-employment taxes, insurance, business licenses, retirement, continuing education, and and more.

We plan to teach 40 lessons to each student who is registered through September - June. This schedule allows us to account for holidays, snow days, occasional teacher cancellations, and vacation time. Schedules will be published each August for the school year. For this reason, lessons cancelled by the studio are taken into consideration in your monthly billing.

For weather-related cancellations, we follow the City of Pawtucket’s parking ban. Check e-mail, our Facebook page, and our website for updates. We will either cancel lessons for that day or schedule online lessons.

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