Zabinski Music Studio offers both private, in-studio lessons and an online academy.

Private Lessons

Private lessons, typically 30 minutes in length meeting weekly, are held at the studio's main location at 228 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI. Lessons in piano, violin, voice, guitar, ukulele and drums. Professional musician-teachers guide students of all ages in mastering technique and understanding music theory in order to achieve each student's musical goals. Teachers are prepared to guide students with a set curriculum designed to teach a variety of musical genres, or to customize lessons to fit a student's specific interests.

Online Academy

Our professional musician-teachers have prepared an online academy designed for students too busy to come to the studio or who desire a more self-guided system of study. Enrollees receive a lesson book with step-by-step instructions to improve playing and music reading. The academy provides access to a library of videos teaching each lesson. Students submit a recording of their playing to their teacher in order to get insight into their playing and, if necessary, extra videos to improve specific problems. Academy enrollees can follow a weekly schedule or submit videos on their own schedule, learning as quickly or steadily as they choose.


Full Online Academy  
  • Piano lessons only
  • Book
  • Access to online video library of lessons
  • Unlimited submissions for professional review of playing
In Studio/Skype Lessons 
  • Weekly 30 minute lesson with professional musician-teacher
  • Access to online video library of lessons
  • Free participation in monthly recital series

How the full online academy works:

1. The student watches a short video that instructs them how to play a song in the book series. They can watch this video and follow along with the book that they will have with them.

2. The student watches the short video of the teacher playing the song.

3. The student plays the song on their keyboard, both by themselves and then along with the teacher's video to ensure they have the right idea.

4. When the student feels they can adequately play the song or feels like they can't get better without further help/pointers they record themselves playing and upload the video to us (this is either done via email or a youtube video, marked unlisted, with a link sent to us). YOU can decide how many videos and how frequently you send the videos to us!

5. Within 24 hours of sending us the video, the student can log into their student portal account and see notes from the teacher about the video. If the teacher feels some FaceTime is necessary to help the student over a rut, then one is scheduled.