Our students love to play music.

We help them learn how to be better at that. In order to achieve this, we meet with students weekly for 30 minutes. Students are expected to take the skills learned in their lesson and develop a regular at-home practice schedule in order to master these skills.

Maintaining regular practice is hard - even for professionals! That's why we implemented our Zabinski Bucks which are a fun way

 we reward and motivate our students

Students receive bucks for regular practice and working hard in their lessons. They can save them up to buy all sorts of goodies in our store - sticker sheets, stress balls, slime and more! They are a hit with our students and parents regularly report how much easier practice at home is when students know they are working to earn a little something extra. Like we say - all musicians like to get paid for their work!

In order to celebrate new skills and build necessary public performance skills, studio 

students are invited to perform at our monthly recitals

Our recitals are fun, informal affairs where students perform a piece of their choice. Even beginner students with just a few lessons may perform. The emphasis in these recitals is to practice the skill of performance without the extra pressure of formal performances.

Students who wish to further their performance skills are able to work with their instructor to prepare for formal assessments. Working with the Royal Academy of Music in Canada and the Piano Teacher's Guild, studio instructors prepare students to perform pieces from memory in front of assessors who rate their playing on a predetermined set of guidelines. Assessors are provided by these organizations in order to ensure an unbiased assessment of a students' playing. 

To learn more about our teaching philosophy, please see our 'Services' page. To begin the process of signing up for lessons, please see our 'Request Lessons' page.