Learn to play piano with professional instructors at YOUR own pace for as little as $45/month!

Welcome to Zabinski Music Studio and Key of Z Academy!

We are a group of studio teachers who have created an online teaching course designed after our private lessons. Here you will find step by step video instruction to learn not only how to play piano, but to read music and become an independent player so you can enjoy a lifetime of playing music.

We have been turning novices into advanced piano players for years and have created a series of videos to help you too! Not only do we have videos to help you learn, but we are available to all of our subscribers for personalized videos based on YOUR needs and skill level. Don't understand something in a lesson? Send us a message - we'll get right back to you to better explain or chat with you one on one. Our goal is to make you a better piano player. Its what we've been doing for years. There IS a way that is enjoyable and helps to make you a better player. We are here to help you realize that you can do it!

A monthly subscription to the Academy of Z provides you with access to all our videos AND our teachers. You can study at your own pace. Upload your videos and professional musicians and teachers will watch it and give you their feedback to help you further your studies. Its as easy as that. You can study as quickly or as slowly as you want. There is no extra fee for going through many lessons in a week, or for sending us lots of questions and videos. We are excited to see you succeed!