Join us for an evening of silent films with live music! At the height of silent movie popularity, every movie house boasted at least one live musician. Usually a piano player, these musicians would receive suggested pieces from production companies, or make up what they thought best for each scene. Join us as we revive this wonderful entertainment for an evening in our studio! Movies will be presented on the second floor with our performers playing LIVE!

This event is free of charge. We will be seating on a first come first served basis. We can only accommodate about 50 people so be sure to get there in time! To reserve your seat, fill out this form: https://forms.gle/vse7yfQ99XNUP9iJ9

Click image to learn more about our Silent Movie Event!

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Top reasons why students love Zabinski Music Studio:

1. Monthly recitals & performance opportunities.

Students are invited to participate in our monthly recitals, held right here at the studio, at no additional fee. Students are also invited to perform annually at various fairs and festivals throughout Northern RI!

2. Customized lessons around student interests.

Teachers customize lesson plans around students' interests. Students can bring in their favorite song and learn it without having to stick with a prescribed music curriculum.

3. Annual Piano Guild certification & awards.

Students are invited to participate in various competitive programs in order to test their abilities and earn certificates, pins and trophies!

4. A variety of lessons offered including piano, bass, guitar, drums, voice, violin, and woodwind instruments.

All different instruments are offered here at Zabinski Music Studio. Our teachers have been naturally curious students their entire lives and have studied multiple instruments themselves. Anyone who wishes to switch up their instrument can often keep the same teacher or easily add a lesson with another teacher if they desire. Siblings can take lessons simultaneously with different teachers and on different instruments, making the logistics of lessons a breeze for parents.

5. Convenient lesson times.

We are open 7 days a week so finding a lesson time that works for your schedule is always possible.