When is it due?
All video submissions have to be submitted no later than May 19 in order to be reviewed for acceptance into the Piano Guild. Plan on starting the process about a week beforehand - around May 11. That gives enough time to try it a couple different days, take the best result, and submit it in time.

What should be on the video?
The video should include a full body profile of the piano student, so that you can see their hands on the piano and how they are sitting. Imagine sitting to the side of the student and watching them play - this is the perspective we're looking for.

What does my piano student need to say and do on the video?
Here's a step by step breakdown of what we're looking for:
1. Introduce yourself.
2. Say the name of the first song you're going to play. They need to be in the same order that we decided on in our lessons - that's the order the judge is going to have on their evaluation sheet!
3. If you're in the green book (1B) or later, play the scale and I (one) and V-7 (five-seven) chords for the first song. (If you're in the Premier book, or in book 1A, you can skip this step)
4. Play your first song. It needs to be played from memory, without the book in front of you.
5. Do the same for your other songs. For students in level 1B or above - you only have to play your scale and chords for any songs in a different key from your other songs. You don't have to repeat the same scale for each song if you've already played it.
6. Be proud of yourself - you've worked hard to audition for the piano guild and you're doing a great job!!!

Can we edit our video?
Nope! They can't be any cuts or edits. MISTAKES ARE OKAY!!! We don't expect perfection. If you get lost, or confused, or want to start over, just say "I'm going to restart that song," take a breath, and give it another try.

Plan on doing one "take" a week before the video is due, then give it a couple days and do another take. Then, take a look and choose your favorite.

How do I submit the video?
To submit your video, we would like it to be uploaded to your family's youtube account, and make sure to upload it as an UNLISTED video (PLEASE DO NOT MAKE IT PRIVATE OR THE JUDGE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE IT). Then, all you need to do is send me the link! If you have questions on how to upload it appropriately to youtube, let me know.

What happens then?
Our Piano Guild guest judge will watch the video, fill out their assessment sheet, and share the results with your teacher who will share it with you ASAP.